Your website needs SSL encryption

Why? Because as we all know, Google is giving lower ranking to those websites not providing a secure connection with users. And we all know how important presence in Google is for any adult related business, especially because such traffic ussualy converts much better than paid advertising.

We’ve seen in the past years many huge adult websites considering every piece of their content to be perfect, but one thing was missing, a SSL connection that could boost their rank to Google’s first page in results.

Most adult websites which are available in 69DIR Web Directory have updated their SSL connections, but it’s also important to make sure that Google sees this change by updating your link from http:// to https://

If you are just submiting your adult business website to 69DIR, make sure to use your secure URL when typing it in. It’s much safer and eye-catching for potential clients.

If you’re already present in 69DIR Adult Directory, you changed your site’s prefix, but it’s still listed with the http:// prefix, make sure to contact us to update it manualy. 

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