Adult Web Hosting

Having a reliable adult business hosted on the web isn’t always as easy as it may seem. Some hosting providers don’t allow adult websites on their servers, while on other servers you just can’t rely for flexibility and uptime.

We’ve tested and gathered for you a list of domain registrars and adult hosting providers for you to make the next step into the adult business.

1.  GoDaddy

GoDaddy allows the registration of adult related domains and also the hosting of adult content on their shared and dedicated servers. If you are streaming adult content (live cams, porn tube videos) web recommend you step up to a dedicated linux or windows server for maximum performance.

2.  Certified Hosting

From our own experience, Certified Hosting (now called Total Server Solutions) is an amazing place to host your adult websites. Server types are very flexibile, there are lots of server options you may choose from: shared hosting, vps hosting, dedicated servers and even reseller hosting. Certified Hosting support team is always there to help you and even solve your own problems and compatibility issues with scripts and websites. Uptime for all Certified Hosting servers tends to reach 100% every month, so it’s a perfect place to start hosting any adult website you need.

3.  MojoHost

We discovered MojoHost recently and from a 6 months experience, they are doing pretty well when it comes to Shared and VPS Hosting. Low prices and uptime of 99,99% are all reasons to step forward to MojoHost, especially if you’d like to host multiple websites on a single server. Customer support is always there to help you when in need. 

There may be more hosting providers which allow adult content and live streaming and we welcome your suggestions in a comment. 

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